What is a Regional Partner?

Code.org is selecting organizations to become Regional Partners. These partners will help support and prepare local teachers to bring computer science to their classrooms in a sustainable fashion. The goal of the Regional Partner program is to help each organization establish itself as a local leader in the Code.org professional learning community, with an expectation that in the long-run each partner organization can sustain this work independently of Code.org.

The ideal Regional Partner is a regional education unit, a nonprofit, university, or educational service district with existing, positive relationships with nearby school districts and the local education community.

For districts or schools

Over 120 school districts across the country use Code.org’s curriculum to teach almost 10% of all U.S. students, and almost 15% of the nation's Black and Hispanic/Latino students. Your district or school can work with code.org and our partners to bring full computer science courses to every student.

Bring computer science to your students by having teachers sign up for our professional learning.

For international organizations

Are you interested in bringing computer science education to your country? Code.org partners with international organizations that help translate our content and spread the Hour of Code movement across the globe. Learn more about how we work with international groups and how you can get involved at the link below.