Translating the Dance Party landing page

Translations for this page are done on Crowdin which is free to join and any volunteer can immediately start translating.

Getting set up

  1. If you haven't already joined our project on Crowdin, click here to join.
  2. View the Dance Party landing page on our site. Make sure you are viewing the page in the language you are translating the site into.
  3. Identify all the strings that are either untranslated or poorly translated. Find those strings in the images below and click on them to find the string in Crowdin. If the image links don't work for you or if you prefer to see all the links in a list, use the list at the bottom of this page.

Select your language

Selecting your language from this dropdown will update all the links on this page to take you to that language on Crowdin.

Translating the page

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 1

Dance Party Code a Dance Party to share with your friends! Start Keep On Dancing Go beyond the first hour with extended project ideas. Start Part 2 Help translate Dance Party

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 2

Teacher Resources Lesson plans, certificates, and music filtering. Lesson Plan Dance Party Unplugged No computers needed!  Learn coding concepts... Unplugged Activity In partnership with Amazon Future Engineer* is a comprehensive...

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 3

Featured Student Creations By Age

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 4

Get Inspired What is Creativity? 1 min What is Creativity? View Full Series (5 min)

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 5

Hour of Code with Steph Curry 2 min Push yourself. Anybody can learn.

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 6

Computer Science is Changing Everything 5 min Inspire a girl

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 7

Computer Science intro What Most Schools Don't Teach

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 8

President Obama on computer science Hour of Code is Here - Anybody Can Learn

Dance Party Landing Screenshot 9

Anybody Can Learn My Name is Aracely 3 min * The artists whose music is used in this tutorial...

List of Crowdin Links

These are the same links found in the images above. They are included here in case the image links above don't work for you or if you prefer to see them in a list.