Translating the site and tutorials

The majority of our translations are done through CrowdIn, a localization management platform. It is free to join and any volunteer can immediately contribute to the project by providing translations. There are currently two projects open for translations:

Please complete translations for these projects in the above order of priority. If you have completed translations (at least 75% of the project is complete) and do not see your language in the drop down menu, please send a report to

What do I translate first?

  1. Please translate our Hour of Code tutorials.
  2. Then translate the homepage. Search for homepage in the pegasus/mobile.yml file in the project.
  3. Then translate the Hour of Code activity page.
  4. Translate the homepage by completing the homepage file in the Hour of Code project.

Where can I find context for Code Studio tutorial translations?

If you have more time, complete the project in the following prioritized order. homepage and Hour of Code tutorial

(context:, Hour of Code)

  1. pegasus/mobile.yml - search for "homepage"
  2. dashboard/data.yml - instructions for levels 1-15, search for "maze_2"
  3. dashboard/instructions.yml - instructions for levels 16-20, search for "Scrat"
  4. dashboard/scripts.yml - for the script name and description, search for "Hour of Code"
  5. blockly-core/core.json - shared blockly strings between puzzles
  6. blockly-mooc/common.json - shared blockly strings between puzzles
  7. blockly-mooc/maze.json - for the remainder of maze related blocks

Other Hour of Code tutorials

(context: Frozen, Infinity Play Lab, Play Lab, Artist, Flappy)

  1. dashboard/instructions.yml
    • search for "Frozen"
    • search for "Infinity"
    • search for "Standalone_Artist"
  2. dashboard/scripts.yml
    • search for "Frozen"
    • search for "Infinity"
    • search for "script -> name -> artist"
  3. dashboard/data.yml
    • search for "studio_playlab"
    • search for "flappy"
  4. blockly-mooc/turtle.json - for artist levels
  5. blockly-mooc/studio.json - for play lab levels
  6. blockly-mooc/flappy.json

Computer Science Fundamentals courses

(context: Accelerated Course, Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, Course 4)

  1. dashboard/data.yml - search for "instructions" for the Accelerated Course
  2. dashboard/instructions.yml
    • search for "K-1" for Course 1 instructions
    • search for "2-3" for Course 2 instructions
    • search for "4-5" for Course 3 instructions
    • search for "Course 4" for Course 4 instructions
  3. dashboard/scripts.yml - for the course titles, descriptions, and stage names
  4. dashboard/data.yml - Accelerated course stage names and callouts
  5. dashboard/dsls.yml - Assessment levels like multiple choice and matching
  6. dashboard/slides.yml - Abridged video transcripts
  7. dashboard/unplugged.yml - Titles and descritions of unplugged activities

Remaining Files

  1. The rest of pegasus/mobile.yml
  2. dashboard/base.yml - Code Studio strings
  3. dashboard/devise.yml - Account related strings
  4. blockly-mooc/bounce.json - context: Bounce
  5. blockly-mooc/jigsaw.json - context: Jigsaw

How to Use CrowdIn

Watch the demo video in full screen.

How translations are selected

Members of the project are either a translator or proofreader. A translator can provide translations, while a proofreader can both provide translations as well as select the best translation to be used on the site.

The final translation that appears on our site is selected as follows:

  1. A proofreader selects the best translation.
  2. If there is no translation selected by a proofreader, translators vote on the best translation and the translation with the most votes is selected.
  3. if votes are tied, the most recent translation will be selected.

Translate Khan Academy coding tutorials to Spanish and Portuguese

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